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Winter Edition of Outdoors in NYC Is Available

The winter edition of the Parks Department's quarterly publication, Outdoors in NYC, is available online now in a PDF version. Outdoors in NYC lists all of the free activities and programs throughout the parks system in the five boroughs. From Winter Photography to Emergency Preparedness, the Urban Park Rangers have programs that are perfect for individuals and families—and all are free!

Bike Trip to Brooklyn Bridge Park

For our second consecutive Sunday of family biking, we decided to check out the new Brooklyn Bridge Park, which we'd only visited briefly in the winter, when it was cold and extremely windy. In June it was the opposite—warm with a welcome cool breeze. Our plan was to bike there, explore, and get lunch from Smorgasburg. Our route, once again planned on the Ride the City site, took us around Prospect Park and down Vanderbilt Avenue.

The Summer Edition of "Outdoors in NYC" Is Available

The summer edition of the Urban Park Rangers' publication Outdoors in NYC is now available in PDF form. It lists all the free weekend events that the Urban Park Rangers offer in parks throughout the city. These programs enable adults and families to experience the natural world in new and unexpected ways. They include canoeing, fishing, hiking, special programs for kids and families, and wildlife viewing.

Great Article on the Benefits of Urban Trees

There's a very good blog post over at Children and Nature Network on the benefits of trees in urban environments. I especially love this quote: "You might not think there is nature in your midst. I’ve noticed that, as a society, we perceive nature to be “out there” rather than here where we raise our families and run our businesses. We think of it as a place we have to “go to” for a getaway.