Brooklyn Blogger Breakfast at Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons invited Brooklyn child- and parenting-related bloggers to tour their new facility on Kent Avenue in trendy Williamsburg. I attended and must say the place is very nice, and they make a real effort to feature natural materials, calm earth tones, room for gross motor play, and nature and science themed playthings.

The gym-like playroom features a kid-sized climbing wall in addition to a dance area and a variety of other items designed to encourage exercise.

Biking Around Green-Wood Cemetery

I've had the idea of this blog for a long time, but of course now that I'm trying to take it seriously, I have all sorts of hesitations about not really going camping more often and so on and so forth. But realistically, with all our other events and obligations, most families can't manage an entire weekend expedition more than a few times a year. Getting kids (and ourselves) out and active regularly means taking small excursions where and when we can, especially when we're city dwellers.