Camping in the Hamptons, November 2013

It's finally happened: the boys are at the age to rebel against what their parents want, and for us now that means going camping. Sigh. They actually just grumbled a bit about going and of course had a great time once we set off. That was a couple of hours later than we had hoped/planned; we weren't all packed and ready to go till about 5:30. The drive is about two and a half hours without traffic, and we also had to stop for some groceries and dinner on the way. Traffic getting out of the city wasn't too terrible, but we didn't stop until after 8, somewhere between Islip and Patchogue.

AMC Outdoors: Urban Camping at Floyd Bennett Field

AMC Outdoors has a great article about a family camping trip to Floyd Bennett Field. Although I've known about the camping there and have been to Floyd Bennett for other activities many times, I've never camped there myself. If you want to know what it's like, read the AMC Outdoors story.

Belleplain State Forest & Corson's Inlet State Park

We'd talked about going camping, perhaps even winter tent camping, over the holiday break, but I didn't manage to get around to pinning down a place to go until Friday the 28th. I had some doubts about the winter preparedness of Top Kid, his sleeping bag filling has gotten flat with repeated washings and the thermal underwear fit situation was dubious. NY State parks don't have tent camping year-round, so our choice was hike-in in DEC areas in the Catskills or look elsewhere. We didn't want an expensive or fancy cabin, we wanted rustic if not tent.

A Little Campy: Top 5 Non-Essential Camping Essentials for Kids

There's a useful post over at the blog "A Little Campy," on things that aren't "essential" in terms of camping gear, but that are almost essential for camping with kids. Top 5 Non-Essential Camping Essentials For Kids. Every one of these items is a must-have in my experience, except perhaps the checkers or playing cards.