What Is the Environmental Impact of Campfires?

Sometimes concern for doing the right thing for the environment can make us get wrapped in strange dilemmas. How do we rationalize issues such as using space-age materials to get closer to nature? The gas used in driving to the far outskirts of civilization? Here's an interesting discussion of one of these questions:

Does burning wood in a campfire have more impact on atmospheric CO2 than just letting the wood decompose naturally?

Hickory Run State Park, Memorial Day Weekend 2004

Camping at Hickory Run State Park in the Poconos area off Rt 80.

Friday 5/29/04

Packing with a lot of recriminations, and got going an hour or two later than we hoped. I forgot the toys and Tree Kid's fishing gear except for the pole. There was traffic leaving NYC (Holland Tunnel), and a thunderstorm/downpour on Rt 80, but the PA portion of the drive was nice and scenic.