Time outdoors is a vital part of life for all people, of all ages, everywhere. I'm passionate about getting kids to be outdoors and encounter nature, and about ensuring that there will always be a wild outdoors for the children of the future. This blog will be about our experiences camping as a family, the growing movement to get kids outdoors, finding nature in the city (there's a lot more than you might think!), and taking action to protect the earth. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

Can You Identify Poison Ivy?

One of the things that makes poison ivy so hard to avoid is that its appearance can vary quite a bit. But "leaves of three, let it be" encompasses many perfectly harmless plants as well as the evil weed. Here's a cute, interactive poison ivy quiz—try it even if you think you know poison ivy. Even I got one wrong! You may learn to identify some other common wild plants while you're at it.

Great Article on the Benefits of Urban Trees

There's a very good blog post over at Children and Nature Network on the benefits of trees in urban environments. I especially love this quote: "You might not think there is nature in your midst. I’ve noticed that, as a society, we perceive nature to be “out there” rather than here where we raise our families and run our businesses. We think of it as a place we have to “go to” for a getaway.

It's NYC Wildflower Week, Again!

It's May and that means flowers—the 6th annual NYC Wildflower Week is here. This year, they're expanding their programming to all of NYC's nature, including salamanders, birds, and mushrooms along with our native wildflowers.
Events range from botanical walks and garden tours throughout the five boroughs to children's activities. See the full schedule of events here.

City of Water Day to Take Place on July 20th

This year's City of Water Day will be held on Saturday, July 20th. We've had great fun at this event in past years.

Presented by the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, this will be the sixth annual festival, a day of free entertainment, education, and activities that celebrates the potential of New York City's waterfront. The events will take place on Governors Island and in Liberty State Park.

Celebrate Earth Day at the Prospect Park Audubon Center

The Prospect Park Audubon Center has some fun family activities to celebrate Earth Day this Sunday.

From 1-4 PM there will be presentations by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation on responsible fishing, discover tours, lakeshore clean-up, live bird and animal encounters, recycled instrument making, and a performance and parade by Bash the Trash.