Time outdoors is a vital part of life for all people, of all ages, everywhere. I'm passionate about getting kids to be outdoors and encounter nature, and about ensuring that there will always be a wild outdoors for the children of the future. This blog will be about our experiences camping as a family, the growing movement to get kids outdoors, finding nature in the city (there's a lot more than you might think!), and taking action to protect the earth. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

Why Camp With Kids?

Because it's fun! Not to mention healthy, relaxing, educational, and they love it. Because it provides quiet time, a chance to see new things, and instills a lifelong love of nature, enthusiasm for new experiences, self-confidence and responsibility. Tree and Top have been camping since they were babies and enjoyed every minute.

Hello World!

Welcome to our kids camping blog!

We've created this blog to share our adventures outdoors with our family and friends and anyone who is interested in camping with kids. We'll post stories about camping with kids, enjoying nature with kids, and finding nature in the city.

Thanks for visiting! We hope you enjoy it.

Day Hike at Fahnestock State Park

We camped with friends at a group site off Dennytown Road in Fahnestock from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. This was planned as a trip for families from our school, but only one other family came because of a dubious weather report. In fact, there was just a bit of rain during the night and it was otherwise fine. The kids had a blast, as usual.

Hickory Run State Park, Memorial Day Weekend 2004

Camping at Hickory Run State Park in the Poconos area off Rt 80.

Friday 5/29/04

Packing with a lot of recriminations, and got going an hour or two later than we hoped. I forgot the toys and Tree Kid's fishing gear except for the pole. There was traffic leaving NYC (Holland Tunnel), and a thunderstorm/downpour on Rt 80, but the PA portion of the drive was nice and scenic.

Tree Kid's First Camping Trip, Age 7 Weeks, at Allaire State Park

It was November, 1999, and Tree Kid was all of 7 weeks old—not climbing trees just yet! We decided to take him camping for the first time. I suppose we were in full-blown, new parent "proving this won't change our life" mode, but we also truly believe that being outdoors is good for kids, at any age.