People's Climate March

The Tarpmaster and I went to the People's Climate March on Sunday. (The boys had other plans.) We got to Central Park West and and 72nd Street before 11 AM. The subway going there was packed with other people also going to march. CPW was really packed, from Columbus Circle (which we heard was also packed) up to at least 86th Street, possibly 96th. It's pretty amazing when the crowd goes as far as you can see! We saw people from all over—Minnesota, Virginia, West Virginia, Connecticut, multiple groups from Maryland and Pennsylvania, Canada, California, and more. There were all kinds of groups, too: several Sierra Club chapters, CodePink, communists, Gray Panthers, various student groups, no-nukes groups, peace groups, many anti-fracking groups, vegans, the Rent Is Too Damn High Party... you name it.

There were some far-out costumes and props, like one group with elaborate honeybee-themed headdresses, and more than one drowning Statue of Liberty, as well as lots of clever signs. Some of my favorites were "To change everything, we need everyone," "Pete Seeger Lives!," "People lead, politicians follow," and "If there is no earth, there is no wine."

There was a long wait for the march to start moving and it was well past 11:30 when it finally did. The most amazing moment was the two minutes of silence. Suddenly hands went up and that huge crowd got very quiet in just a couple of seconds.

After the silence there was applause and cheers, and shortly after that the march got moving for real. We walked most of the way down CPW but had to cut across the park to get to Queens to meet friends at 4 PM. We saw very little litter on the street as far as we went.

Until I get my Flickr module updated, you can see my photos here.

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