Bike Ride to Calvert Vaux Park

The Tarpmaster and I went for a bike ride along the Brooklyn shore to Calvert Vaux Park in Bensonhurst, near Coney Island. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and not too hot. The kids didn't come with us as they had other activities with friends.

We biked through the Sunset Park neighborhood along 7th Avenue and over to the shore next to Owl's Head Park, out onto the pier there briefly, and then up along Shore Parkway past the Verrazano and the Toys "R" Us shopping center. I'd never been to Calvert Vaux; the Tarpmaster has been there to ref city high school soccer games.

The park is a mix of baseball and soccer fields and undeveloped fields full of something that looks like it belongs in the artemisia family, beach peas, and clover. There's also a model helicopter flying club that meets there. If you go out to the end there are lovely views of New York harbor and Coney Island from the back side. I explored that side of Coney Island last spring while Top Kid took the admission tests at Mark Twain middle school.

Calvert Vaux has been partly newly renovated and apparently the Parks Department has a plan to redevelop the whole thing.

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